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Preventative Health

Have you heard of the term Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)?

Breaking down the elements that affect our daily health.

This is a very important term to understand, to know how the conditions by which you are surrounded daily affect your health. Think about what factors in your life have affected your health. Perhaps it was not having transportation to get to the supermarket or to a doctor’s appointment or not having the financial needs to purchase vegetables and fruits.

Health is influenced by the conditions in which we are born, grow, live, work, and age. Examples of the social determinants of health are the social and community networks, cultural, environmental, socioeconomic, and health system factors that govern and drive our lives. These factors are shaped by the distribution of resources, money, and power in a community.

How has Healthy Savannah Addressed the SDOH?

We All Belong

How does a sense of belonging help you feel more connected to your family, community, or to your surroundings? Feeling like we belong can drive our day-to-day decisions. Our sense of belonging starts in childhood. At this stage, we develop a view of the world based on how we are raised and how we are treated. We can grow up to be either distrustful or kind human beings. When we feel welcome, we are more open to expressing any need for help or offering help without being asked.

So, how can you direct your thoughts and actions to ensure that everyone in Chatham County feels like they belong? Share your thoughts below!

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Encourage Health Series

Take a look back at our amazing talks from past Encourage Health series.

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2020 Series:

October 2020

Managing Stress & Anxiety During COVID, speakers Bill & Davana Pilczuk

2019 Series:

October 2019

Strength Training at Any Age, speaker Katie Balthrop
Owner, Savannah Sport & Fitness

September 2019

Cannabidoil (CBD) Facts & Fictionspeaker Michael Vaughn, DC

June 2019

Food Insecurity in Savannah & Chatham Countyspeaker Desirae Suggs

March 2019

Meditation for Stress Relief, speaker Cleveland Beach

2018 Series:

October 2018

Bone Health Safeguards, speaker Dr. Marija Djanko-Ivankovic, PhD

June 2018

Fitness in the Workplace, speaker Janet McCarthy

March 2018

Stress & Sleep, speaker Davana Pilczuk, PhD

2017 Series:

October 2017

Golden Healers: Ginger & Turmeric’s Effect on Healthspeaker Ross Harding

April 2017

AROMATHERAPY: How are Essential Oils Making a Place in Healthcare? Speakers: Dr. Patricia Stewart and Margaret L. Clay

2016 Series:

October 2016

10 Ways to Reduce Inflammation in the Body; Speaker: Bauer Coslick, L.Ac.

August 2016

10 Ways Buildings Affect Your Mission to Healthy Living; speaker Denise Grabowski

June 2016

Eat Well and Boost Your Energy with Phytochemicals; Speaker: Dr. Ellen Blossman

April 2016

Walk Your Way to Better Health; Speaker Kevin Klinkenberg

2015 Series:

October 2015

Yoga to Reduce Stress, Live Better and Longer; Speaker Kelly Boyd

August 2015

How to Train for a 5K; Speaker: Robert Espinoza

April 2015

Cross Fit: Why and How It Works In Weight Loss; Speaker: Drew McKenzie

February 2015

Strategies for the Prevention and Treatment of Childhood Obesity;
Speakers: Nathan Mikeska, CPT, CWC, and Courtney Peterson CHES, Wellness Coach

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