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Nutrition Destination

More than 35,000 people in Savannah are affected by nutrition insecurity, which is the inability to access fruits, vegetables, and nutritious foods due to factors such as income, education, and/or residence location. The Nutrition Program aims to close this gap by partnering with other organizations to provide Chatham County with the resources necessary to adopt a healthier life through the Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health CDC grant.

Savannah Chatham Food Policy Council

Healthy Savannah is striving to bring the Savannah Chatham Food Policy Council back in action! The SCFPC has the goal to educate Chatham County residents, shape public policy, and bring the community together.

Healthy Check Out

The Healthy Check Out initiative was launched in 2021 with the aim to end impulse buying at check-out registers by encouraging local grocery stores to place healthy food options at check-out. Take a look at the News and Articles section to find more info on this strategy.

Engage in Health

Healthy Food Financing Initiatives (HFFI) are a proven strategy in the greater effort to create environments where all children can grow up at a healthy weight. When families live close to places to buy healthy food they are more likely to have better eating habits, reduced obesity, and better health.

Supporting Wellness at Food Pantries

Healthy Savannah has adapted the SWAP program to teach and encourage local food pantries to choose healthier items for their users. The program consists of a ranking system that indicates the levels of sodium, added sugar, and saturated fat. This way, food pantry users will have an easy to understand method of nutritious grocery shopping.

Savannah Chatham Food Policy Council

Community Impact

Fresh Express Program Improves Nutritious Food Access for Savannah Communities

1 in 4 children in Coastal Georgia is at risk for hunger, according to America’s Second Harvest of the Coastal Empire. Just outside one of the nation’s largest historic districts, our Savannah neighbors are choosing between rent and food for their families. In 2017, the YMCA of Coastal Georgia launched Fresh Express, a monthly produce distribution program to provide additional access to nutritious foods to healthy food priority areas within our community. With an increase in participation and a growing need for access points, Fresh Express expanded to a second distribution site in July 2019.

The additional distribution location provided access on both the East and West sides of Savannah each month and increased the average number of people served to 204 individuals.

Read more about Fresh Express here.

Bringing Affordable Healthy Food Choices to Your Corner Store

Nutrition insecurity, the inability to access fruits, vegetables, and nutritious foods, affects over 35,000 people in Savannah, Georgia. This issue impacts people residing in food apartheid areas, or communities in which social inequities cause nutrition insecurity. While grocery stores are not available in food apartheid areas, neighborhood corner stores that offer foods high in fat, sugar, and sodium are common. Healthy Savannah launched the Healthy Corner Store Initiative, a partnership with local corner store owners to bring healthy choices to the community. Seven stores have enrolled in the initiative, and positive responses from the community and local government will increase participation.

Read more about the Healthy Corner Store Initiative here.

Nutrition News

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