Encourage Health Archives

Take a look back at our amazing lectures from past Encourage Health series.

2019 Series

October 2019

Strength Training at Any Age, speaker Katie Balthrop
Owner, Savannah Sport & Fitness

September 2019

Cannabidoil (CBD) Facts & Fictionspeaker Michael Vaughn, DC

June 2019

Food Insecurity in Savannah & Chatham County, speaker Desirae Suggs

March 2019

Meditation for Stress Relief, speaker Cleveland Beach

2018 Series

October 2018

Bone Health Safeguards, speaker Dr. Marija Djanko-Ivankovic, PhD

June 2018

Fitness in the Workplace, speaker Janet McCarthy

March 2018

Stress & Sleep, speaker Davana Pilczuk, PhD

2017 Series

Series Information

October 2017

Golden Healers: Ginger & Turmeric’s Effect on Healthspeaker Ross Harding

April 2017

AROMATHERAPY: How are Essential Oils Making a Place in Healthcare? Speakers: Dr. Patricia Stewart and Margaret L. Clay

2016 Series

10 Ways to Reduce Inflammation in the Body; Speaker: Bauer Coslick, L.Ac.
October 25, 2016
10 Ways Buildings Affect Your Mission to Healthy Life; Speaker: Denise Grabowski
August 30, 2016
Eat Well and Boost Your Energy with Phytochemicals; Speaker: Dr. Ellen Blossman
June 21, 2016
Walk Your Way to Better Health; Speaker Kevin Klinkenberg; April 19, 2016.

2015 Series

Yoga to Reduce Stress, Live Better and Longer; Speaker Kelly Boyd
October 27, 2015
How to Train for a 5K; Speaker: Robert Espinoza
August 25, 2015
Cross Fit: Why and How It Works In Weight Loss; Speaker: Drew McKenzie
April 28,2015
Strategies for the Prevention and Treatment of Childhood Obesity; Speakers: Nathan Mikeska, BS Nutrition, CPT, CWC, and Courtney Peterson CHES, Wellness Coach
February 24, 2015