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Healthy Savannah Presents Findings From Annual Community Check Up

Healthy Savannah released the results of its annual community health survey which included responses from over 230 people.

According to the Healthy Savannah 2021 report, residents purchased more healthy food items over the past three years.

Armand Turner serves as the physical activity program manager at Healthy Savannah. He said the team is looking into home-delivery options for nutritious food and SNAP participants based in response to the community interest from the survey. Residents also expressed a strong desire for infrastructure that allows for safer foot traffic.

A Time for Renewal

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Smoke Free Air Savannah

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Invest Health Grant

Healthy Savannah is so excited to announce that Savannah was selected to be one of 50 cities nationwide to be awarded an Invest Health...

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$3.4M REACH Grant Award

In November of 2018, Healthy Savannah, in partnership with the YMCA of Coastal Georgia, was awarded a five year, $3.4 million collaborative grant to undertake...

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They WILL Eat That

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Healthy Meeting Guidlines

Make your business functions and meetings more healthful with these tools. Of course we have our own too! Please print a copy for display...

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