Healthy Communities

When we picture a healthy Savannah, it is inclusive of all people – regardless of ability, age, income level, race, or neighborhood. Everyone must have equitable access to the resources they need to live their healthiest life. How can we make work, play, faith spaces, and neighborhoods healthier to benefit all Savannah? 

Healthy Savannah’s work over the past 13 years has been successful in reducing the gap in health equity. That is the power of our 200-member coalition, our close relationships with the local government leaders, the faith-based community, and residents in our priority population and neighborhoods.

We will continue to advocate for and implement policy, systems, and environmental change (PSE) to achieve a culture of health in the Savannah-Chatham Community.

Savannah Nonprofit Expands Victories with Voices for Healthy Kids Grants

Savannah, Georgia, with its centuries-old architecture and cobblestone-paved streets, is known for its rich history. And it’s that storied past that motivates some public health and racial equity advocates to make history of their own.  “I always say we are a social movement, not a program or a project,” explained Paula Kreissler, who lives in…

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Speak Up for a Healthy Savannah

Health starts where we live, learn, work, and play. Over 35,000 Savannahians live in areas without access to healthy food. When people lack access to healthy food, they are at a higher risk of developing chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Healthy Food Financing Initiatives (HFFI) are a proven strategy in…

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The State of Obesity in Georgia

The State of Obesity, a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to both raising awareness about the obesity epidemic and promoting obesity prevention strategies, recently issued its annual report.  To results are sobering, yet unsurprising.  In five states adult obesity rates exceed 35 percent, while in 25 additional states obesity rates top 30 percent.  Despite these discouraging…

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Smoke Free Air Savannah

Healthy Savannah worked feverishly with the ‘BreatheEasy Savannah’ campaign to pass Savannah’s Smoke-Free Air Ordinance in 2010. The City of Savannah is now a place where we can all work and play and not worry about the harmful, deadly effects of secondhand smoke. Evolution of Georgia Smoke Free Air Breathe Easy Savannah Smoke Free Brochure…

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They WILL Eat That

One challenge all parents face is making sure that their children are well-fed. You may wonder, what am I supposed to be feeding them and how do I get them to eat it? Well, I’m here to reduce your stress. Your worry is the first part of the equation; providing healthy food. Your child’s job…

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Healthy Savannah Community Survey

At Healthy Savannah we are always trying to improve, and build upon our work. One of the tools we use to do that is our Community Survey. The survey takes about five minutes to fill out completely and provides incredibly valuable information to our team. Our world-class evaluator developed the survey, and it is brought to you with…

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The Faith and Health Coalition

The Faith and Health Coalition is a network of faith-based organizations, of all faiths, partnered with local health promoting agencies. Vision Statement: Every faith-based organization in Savannah is committed to healthy lifestyles.  Mission Statement: To support faith-based organizations in Savannah to implement policies and programs that promote a holistic culture of health.  Tool Kit: The Live…

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How healthy is Georgia?