Frightfully Healthy Halloween

As the summer greeneries begin to change to autumn oranges and reds and cool air blows in, we tend to make variations in our healthy eating habits. We often treat ourselves to foods that make us feel good, but may not be so good for our health. Remember some, but not all comfort foods can be healthy too. Click Here to find out how to make your favorite seasonal comfort foods more healthy. halloween-smiles-2

And  here are some tips for a healthier Halloween night:

  • Make sure children eat a healthy meal before you and the kids go out to trick-or-treat so that candy is dessert and not supper.
  • Give out things like temporary tattoos and stickers, plastic spiders, ghost, skeletons, pencils and bracelets

For Food Types, Try:

  • Individual packages of dried fruit, like raisins
  • 100% juice boxes and Goblin food (aka Trail mix)
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