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Adult Immunization

At the heart of health equity is access to high quality information, preventative care, and treatments for all. In 2020, Healthy Savannah’s work concentrated on more access to, and awareness and acceptance of flu and COVID-19 vaccines. In the next five years, we will broaden the scope to include a host of other vaccines that can contribute to the health and wellbeing of African American and Hispanic people living in low-wealth areas in Chatham County.


COVID-19 made it clear that health equity matters, so Healthy Savannah responded by mobilizing existing community connections and resources.

Community Health Advocates

Healthy Savannah developed a network of Community Health Advocates who share messages to Black and Hispanic communities about access, awareness, and acceptance of the adult immunization such as the COVID-19 and flu vaccines as well as physical activty, nutrition, and lactation information.  As advocates they share accurate and up-to-date information that build better understanding of vaccine choices that are available and how to adress overall wellness. This will help our community make informed decisions about their health and the health of their loved ones.

More to come...

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