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Healthy Savannah acquires $3.4 million; receives feedback on how to use it

Healthy Savannah held its annual stakeholder meeting Wednesday to present its findings on a survey for the past year. The people invited talked about what they’ve accomplished thus far and what they hope to accomplish in the future.

Healthy Savannah and YMCA Coastal Georgia are recipients of the CDC’s annual Community Health Grant. The grant is a $3.4 million grant over 5 years. From the feedback Healthy Savannah received, more community members are being more active. Discussions included where to allocate the new funds from the grant.

“Three main strategies that we are focusing on through the grant that is physical activity, nutrition, and breastfeeding. The second component focuses on adult immunization. Figuring out ways to engage with the community,” said Armand Turner, the Deputy Director for Healthy Savannah.

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