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Healthy Savannah launches new initiative to help tackle food apartheid

SAVANNAH, Ga, (WSAV) – A new initiative has launched in the hostess city, helping make healthy food options the easy choice to make in local grocery stores.

“So this initiative is the healthy checkout initiative, and we’re trying to encourage stores and local grocery stores to have healthy produce close to those checkout aisles,” said Ruby Hallam, REACH Nutrition manager at Healthy Savannah. “That way, when kids come by and want maybe a candy bar, they can pick an orange or an apple instead. It really makes the healthy choice the easy choice.”

The city has teamed up with team Healthy Savannah to start the healthy checkout initiative, an effort to move healthier food options closer to the register to help eliminate impulse buying of candies, snacks, and other not-so-healthy food choices.

The first store to take on that initiative was the Red & White Food Store on Habersham.

Healthy Savannah aims to grow this movement to as many local grocers as possible. As well as targeting local gas stations to help that same need in more low-income communities who may not have access to healthy options, or local grocery stores.

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