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Healthy Savannah urges donations of healthy foods during holidays

Nearly 160,000 people in Coastal Georgia struggle with food insecurity, and many families turn to food pantries for additional assistance, especially during the holidays. However, healthy options are not always available for those in need. All too often, they must rely on inexpensive, unhealthy foods because that’s all that’s available.

“If we want to be a healthier community we need to donate healthier food,” said Paula Kreissler, executive director of Healthy Savannah. “This is more than just providing meals to others so they don’t go hungry. The families who receive food pantry donations deserve the same healthy foods that we feed our own families.”

That’s why Healthy Savannah and the YMCA of the Coastal Georgia, administrators of the five-year, $3.4 million grant called Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH), are encouraging those who can donate to others during this holiday season to provide healthy options, such as canned fruits in 100% fruit juice, dried fruits, and low sodium canned products. Donations of whole-grain bread and pasta and breakfast cereals, along with proteins such as canned tuna in water, are also encouraged.

Read the whole story in the Savannah Business Journal.

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