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NewZO Passes!

On Thursday, July 18, 2019 the proposed New Zoning Ordinance (NewZO) passed 8-1 at City Council for adoption. We are excited that the old ordinance adopted in 1960 is now in the history books! The NewZO is more efficient, transparent, and more consistent with today’s development patterns and our vision for future growth as expressed in the Comprehensive and Strategic Plans.

Multiple stakeholders worked to advance and pass NewZO. It will allow for development of activity-friendly routes to everyday destinations, making the community – especially those without cars – more accessible for recreation and employment. NewZO, at its core, complements the goals of Tide to Town and supports active living through the creation of a healthy built environment that is physically and financially accessible.

Tide to Town and NewZO work in conjunction to prioritize populations and changing neighborhoods that have been historically excluded from economic growth and City planning. This means promoting mixed-use diverse housing types, appropriate housing density, and small-scale developments that sustain neighborhood stability and character.

Health starts where we live, learn, work, and play!
Everyone should have choices that will lead to a long, healthy, life regardless of where they live. NewZO is an important opportunity to help our community be healthy.
Healthy Eating: People who live close to places to buy healthy food are more likely to have better eating habits, reduced obesity, and better health. Locally, one in four children lives in a neighborhood without access to healthy food.
Active Living: When children can walk to school, parks, and playgrounds, they are more likely to be healthy and do better in school. Physical activity reduces the risk of illness and chronic disease – and – improves mental health and wellness.

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