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Workplace Wellness

The office, a place known for business, quirky co-workers, and for having physical inactivity. No matter how you view white collar jobs, this issue affects a majority of Americans.

The point of an office is of course to get work done, but that doesn’t give employees and workers permission to stop trying to get active in their daily lives. There are plenty of ways large and small in which office workers can increase their activity.


Employers set the tone in their offices. You laugh, everyone smiles; you frown everyone watches their backs. You’re considered the commander in chief of your workspace.

In order for your employees to take the first steps in making their workplace a more active place, you need to set the example and take initiative.

A good way to start is to try to encourage workers to take the stairs instead of the elevator and try to park away from the building entrance. Also, use more wireless technology so that employees can walk around the office without worrying about tripping over loose cords. Walking has been known to give people a positive outlook, which can create a more efficient workplace environment.

Try to create a partnership with a local gym so that your employees will get discount or a free membership.

Replace unhealthy snack machines filled with chips and sodas with healthy snack machines that sell water and granola bars.

Also, check out our Healthy Savannah Healthy Meeting Guidelines to boost productivity and employee health!


There are activities that employees can do by themselves to create a more active workplace.

Instead of using a swivel chair, use an exercise ball this helps to better your posture as you work. A wooden chair can also help you posture.

Place office supplies in less convenient places so that you will be forced to move around your office space. try to walk around the office a little bit once an hour. This will help your joints to not be so gridlocked from sitting in a chair for long hours.

If you’re able to eat, try to eat lunch outside. It will allow for you to get some fresh air and Vitamin D.

Keep your computer an arms length away from you, having the computer too close can hurt your vision.

Workplace Wellness in reality isn’t difficult to achieve. To find out if your workspace is doing all it can to create an active environment, look at the Workplace Wellness Checklist.

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