Healthy Savannah Joins City’s Equity Task Force

Our work centers around health equity, so we’re proud and excited to be a part of the city’s newly formed racial equity task force.¬†

Mayor Van Johnson announced the formation of the Racial Equity and Leadership Task Force in July. Its aim is to investigate disparities in Savannah and use data to identify, prioritize and tackle inequities.

The REAL Task Force is led by Healthy Savannah founder and former mayor, Dr. Otis Johnson. Other organizations and individuals who work on policy, systems and and environmental change to improve the quality of life for all in Savannah are well represented in the task force’s membership.

Healthy Savannah’s Board Chair-Elect, Lillian Grant-Baptiste, and Healthy Savannah Executive Director and the CDC REACH grant Program Manager, Paula Kreissler will serve among the other distinguished task force members, many of whom have worked closely with Healthy Savannah and the REACH grant.

The task force’s members are: Mayor Van Johnson II, Dr. Otis Johnson, Dr. Ann Levett, Kimberly Ballard-Washington, Earline Wesley Davis, Dr. Catherine Gayle, Kate Blair, Melanie Wilson, Dr. Nandi Marshall, Gwendolyn Jordan, Terry Tolbert, Erina Tandy, Brynn Grant, Dr. Mildred McClain, Paula Kreissler, Lizann Roberts,¬†Alicia Johnson, Dr. Joseph Silver, Dare Dukes, Jeff Kole, Adam Solender, Julia Sullivan, Robert James, Adam Van Brimmer, Molly Lieberman, Ned Williams, Amanda Hollowell, Ronald Flagg, Richard Shinhoster, Cynthia Kennedy, Lloyd Johnson, Justin West, Moncello Stewart, Lillian Grant-Baptiste, Tom Kohler, Kennedi White, Anton Evans, Daniela Rodriguez, Sarah Hines, Rev. Billy Hester, Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, Juliette Donald, Dr. Maxine Bryant and Pastor Candace Hardnett.
Members of the Mayor’s Racial Equity and Leadership Task Force in the rotunda of Savannah City Hall.

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