Grant Partners

Along with Healthy Savannah the following programs are our grant Partners, and like us, desire to make Georgia communities healthier places to live.

Cobb2020 is an organization ran similarly to healthy savannah, its central location is in Cobb. One of the main goals of this program is to create a Healthy Improvement Plan that they will use to enable the citizens of the community to move more towards a healthy ways of life. They would like for these plans to become a reality within the next five years.  Recently, they have partnered with the Atlanta Community Food Bank and the  McClesky East YMCA to create a program called Farm Fresh.  It’s purpose is to bring fresh produce to areas of Cobb County that are without grocery stores.  They also work with Walk Georgia and encourage their followers (the citizens of Cobb County) to participate in their events.


Cook County Family Connection, another partner, desires that all of families of Cook County have a better quality of life due to community involvement. It began as a small group of citizens who, in 1991, wanted to address problems that are sadly common issues that some children face everyday such as: learning, social, and physical. The organization was originally known as the Cook County Commission for Children and Youth until it became a member of the Georgia Family Connection Partnership, an organization that promotes the same mission except at a state level, since 1997. This opened up the door for the agency to work with other local organizations, for example school, public agencies, etc.  They are  board members of the Cook County Fatality Review Panel and Child Abuse Protocol Committee.  They also work with their local Boys and Girls Club to promote healthy living to the youth.

Last, but not least, Live Healthy Baldwin is another grant recipient.  It’s an organization that has a similar mission to Healthy Savannah, except it runs in the Milledgeville and Baldwin area.  It works closely with the Milledgeville Community Garden Association and the Milledgeville Marketplace to provide food to local communities.  They also plan to make their community a more bicycle friendly area by working with their local Bicycle Club and promote “Complete Streets” in their neighborhoods as well.  In fact, the National Bike Summit is going to take place in Milledgeville and they’ve received the Gold Bicycle Friendly Award from the League of American Bicyclists. They also work with Keep Milledgeville Baldwin beautiful Campaign and recently performed a service project cleaning up the Oconee River Greenway.

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