Getting Active in Savannah

Savannah has so many attractions to offer. Local organizations sponsor an abundance of festivals, marathons, and all kinds of way to get ACTIVE! Although it may be enticing to get there early and land that close parking spot before the traffic hits, why not make it a physical challenge for the whole family. There are so many things Savannah and the surrounding area has to offer that allows you to leave your car parked on a Saturday and enjoy the weather and spend more quality time with friends and family.

  1. Historic River Street

River Street has a reputation for hosting some tasty restaurants and providing a great view for onlookers of the fairy. On a nice Saturday it can also host some heavy traffic as Savannah locals and tourist search for the free parking provided on Bay Street and its connecting roadways. Why not lace up your favorite walking shoes and park a little further in a less dense area? On non-event days lots like the Civic Center parking lot offer discounted rates for parking and is only located some blocks and a few scenic squares away! You and a friend take a chance to view Savannah like you may have never seen it before while getting a full dose of physical activity, engage in some extra conversational time, and avoid the mayhem of traffic congestion.

  1. Forsyth Farmer’s Market

The Forsyth Farmer’s Market starts off a Saturday morning on the right foot. Located at 1102 Bull Street on a CAT transit line, the Forsyth Farmer’s Market offers a plethora of opportunities for healthy engagement. The market host local vendors and farmers that offer anything from handpicked greens to fresh baked breads. Why not ride the CAT over to Forsyth and make a day of it! Better yet, grab your bike and a friend and peddle over to Bull Street and while you are there you are only a few feet away from Savannah’s local health food store Brighter Day.

  1. Jepson Center for the Arts

The Jepson Center is a part of three Telfair Museum venues located in Downtown Savannah. It is a 64,000 square foot museum that contains exhibits from around the world. Visiting the Jepson Center would make the perfect family outing. Whether you choose to walk, drive, bike, or ride the CAT it is conveniently located at 207. W. York Street.

  1. Chatham Area Transit (coming soon – list of services)

You can take CAT to many locations that are listed above. The DOT Shuttle, in the historic district, stops at each DOT Shuttle stop every 15 minutes and is FREE! Public transportation is linked to healthier lifestyles, as people who use public transportation are said to get more than three times the amount of physical activity per day than those who don’t, just from walking to and from their transit stops and their final destination. Catch a CAT!

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