Push Up Challenge 2016

The current challenge is the 2016 Push Up Challenge! Join us and receive great tips and resources to maximize your push up potential. You’ll “Get Stronger, Have Fun, and Give Back!”

This challenge benefits Team RWB and the Green Beret Foundation!

Welcome to the Push up challenge!  We are going to have an awesome time and you will get crazy good at Push ups in the coming weeks! All proceeds from event sign-ups will go straight to The Green Beret Foundation and Team RWB.

The Push up Challenge marks the third event that All Day Ruckoff and Mettle Forger have collaborated on and this one looks like it will be a success as well!

Why Push ups?

Push ups are a favorite exercise of every fitness regimen on the planet – wonder why? It builds strength across a number of domains!  Chest, arms, core, etc. all benefit from the push up.  If you do military inspired events, you will crush the PFT or welcome party. Obstacle racer? Your burpees will be better than ever! Stay at home mom? Your kids will love to jump on your back and go for a ride.  You don’t need any equipment – you can do them anywhere!

Sign Up Options

To make this challenge more accessible than ever before we are offering three sign up options: Virtual, USA, and Non-USA.

Cost: $10/$20/$35 (All proceeds going to charity)
Event Length: 6/1/2016 to 8/31/2016
Registration: Registration is open from 5/25/2016 – 6/15/2016 (the later you sign up the harder that 30K tab gets!)

To Learn More Visit charitychallenges.net