Managing Stress During COVID-19

Maybe you don’t feel ‘okay’ right now. That is okay! We’re all navigating a new life structure and creating new habits – some better than others – surely. But remind yourself that everyone else is coping with the same thing. There is some solace in that. Here are some simple reminders to prioritize for your mental and physical health – until we’re able to resume ‘normal’ once again.

Screen time – sometimes!
Get up to walk or stretch for at least 10 minutes,
every 90 minutes.
Practice your favorite hobby or use this time
to learn something new.
Pick up the phone, get on social media – talk it out
with someone you love.
Sharing your stress is key to eliminating it.

Though the days seem to pass more slowly now, there are still the same 24 hours in a day. Use your time to benefit your health, your learning, and to de-stress. We’ll get through this as a community – like Savannahians always do.

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