Healthy Savannah honored with 2020 Award for Collaborative Service

April 27, 2020 – The Healthcare Georgia Foundation announced the winners of their annual Joseph D. Greene Community Service Awards. “The hard work and dedication of these heroes makes a difference in the quality of life of all Georgians”, says Gary D. Nelson, President of the Healthcare Georgia Foundation, “and it is our privilege to champion their efforts”.

As the Collaborative Service Award recipient, Healthy Savannah met the following criteria.
1. Demonstrate that the collaborative partners are actively working together for a minimum of 2 years.
2. Represent partnership models working towards promising practices and results.
3. Show initiative and a deep commitment to addressing health-related needs of a Georgia community.
4. Demonstrate that the collaborative effort has been effective in improving the health of a Georgia community.
5. Reflect a diverse mosaic in its membership that is inclusive and engaged.

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