Savannah Forward

Healthy Savannah is working on policy campaigns to make the healthy choice the easy choice for all of Savannah, and we need your help.

Make your voice heard!
The City of Savannah is hosting meetings throughout the month of May to hear from citizens about the future of the city. You will be able to voice what matters to you most. Help make Savannah the best community of our size in America. Here is the list of meetings.

Healthy Savannah priorities to promote a healthy thriving community for all of our neighbors include:
1) Policies to provide access to affordable healthy food in all neighborhoods, for example incentives for new grocers, corner stores, or produce stands in underserved neighborhoods;
2) Policies that make it easier for residents to be physically active by making our streets safer for walking and biking and connecting residential areas to business areas, for example Complete Streets and Safe Routes to School policies;
3) Adoption of the NewZO. A broad community effort over the last ten years resulted in a draft New Zoning Ordinance (NewZO). This ordinance needs to be adopted to move the community forward.

To find out how you can help with the campaign promoting healthy thriving neighborhoods, contact Paula Kreissler

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