COPE for Change

COPE for Change is a non profit in the Savannah area that works with schools and families to combat and prevent childhood obesity.

Sandy Baker is the founding director of a local nonprofit, COPE for Change.  COPE is an acronym for Childhood Obesity Prevention and Education.  Within COPE, they offer parent education in the form of workshops and after-school programs.  The workshops that we offer are a perfect match for Title 1 Education needs.

Their  workshops are offered through the school and give opportunities for parents to build relationships, share ideas, and laugh with other parents and caregivers as they support and encourage each other. They cover a wide variety of topics including nutrition education, fitness, and behavioral health. Parents learn which ingredients in food can affect behavior, sleep, concentration, and energy levels, how to stay active as a family, and how to encourage children to reach their full potential.

COPE can help your teachers reduce behavioral problems in the classroom, improve grades, and help combat childhood obesity and lethargy.  We could do this without additional funding and actually interest parents into helping us.

Sandy would love to come meet with you and show you what we teach and how the parents learn great skills to take home to change the lifestyle of their family unit.  With their new skills in place their children will have more energy, better brain balance, and you will see the positive difference in the classroom.

They have had great success at other schools in Chatham County. COPE led our 12 week after-school LEAN Start program at Coastal Middle School and had great results. They have also hosted several 12 week programs in our studio on Ferguson Avenue that targeted at risk kids between the ages of 10 and 17 in the Savannah area.

Please let Sandy know if and when you would be available to meet with me for 30 minutes to see the curriculum, hear about the fun interactive sessions and see for yourself how this could be a great match for your school. COPE’s mission is to combat childhood obesity through prevention and education. We want to partner with your school and parents to improve children’s lives in our community.

Thanks so much!

Sandy Baker
Founding Director

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